Adoption Profile:

Name: Raditz
DOB: 02/09/2022
Gender: Female
Breed: DLH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Caboolture
Snuggle scope: All on her terms, affectionate but busy!
Cat scope: Would do well with another cat that can entertain her busy mind. Takes time to warm up but really loves company.
Dog scope: Untested
Child scope: Good with respectful kids, not a fan of being carried often, but loves to be near and play with children.


This amazing tortie goes by many names “love” “gorgeous” “sweetheart” “rabbit” but officially it’s Raditz, she is all these things and more. With her bright amber eyes sparkling with more intelligence and mischief then one cat needs. Clever, inquisitive and quick as lightening, you will be lucky to sneak anything by Raditz – be it a treat or a toy.
She accepts all pats and cuddles that don’t interfere with adventure and fun. She will seek you out for an extra scratch or pat when she has finished a task in her busy schedule. A born second shadow she will follow you around the house while you work and relax, playing the roll of chief overseer and inspector making sure you are both up to standard and never alone.
Raditz is a busy cat. She and her mama Caulifla are so sweet together. These girls can’t get enough of each other. She doesn’t need you every second of the day but her intelligence means she needs enrichment. We have been hiding treats and making puzzles for her to figure out to keep her mind active. If you are after a smart independent lass to share lots of love and adventure with come meet the best there is.
Caulifla and Raditz are available for solo adoption but if you have space in your heart and home please consider them both.
To arrange a meet to see if this could be your perfect match, please submit our meet’n’greet form