Adoption Profile:

Name: Tygra
DOB: 18/12/22
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Carina Heights
Snuggle scope: Super snuggly
Cat scope: Good with slow introduction
Dog scope: Untested but should be OK with the right introduction
Child scope: Good with calm, gentle children


Tygra is a confident, cheeky and snuggly young man. He’s also completely adorable – and doesn’t he know it. Tygra loves attention, pats and sitting across your lap, but only until he decides that it’s play time (which is often). He loves to wrestle and chase his siblings and the resident cat around the house. He is quite chatty and will give a little squeak if he wants attention, food or anything!
Medical note – Tygra was diagnosed with Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), a disease caused by the feline coronavirus. He was treated for the disease and at the end of the course of treatment blood tests confirmed that he was clear of the disease.
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