Adoption Profile:

Name: Caulifla
DOB : 21/09/2020
Gender : Female
Breed: Australian Mist Cat
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Caboolture
Snuggle scope: Snuggly but not clingy.
Cat scope: Tolerates other cats, wants to look after young kittens.
Dog scope: Untested
Child scope : Gentle with kids but not very interested.

Medical Notes: Caulifla has what is known as an innocent, non-clinical heart murmur. She has been assessed by a heart specialist and they don’t believe it will have any impact on her quality of life.

Caulifla is a gorgeous spotty tabby girl with big green eyes, who was found dumped and handed into a vet, despite being microchipped and heavily pregnant her family did not want her back. She is gorgeous, so friendly and just a young mum. She had her kittens at the vet and came into BFF care when her kittens were just about 3 weeks old.
All but one of her kittens have found a family to love them, leaving just Raditz behind, mother and daughter are very close. Both are fairly dominant females and it gives me great joy to see them love each other and snuggle for hours. Recently my home has included a litter of tiny new foster kittens and Caulifla is in love. She wants to mother them and is gently engaging with them each day, it is beautiful to watch her interacting with them. Caulifla and Raditz are available for solo adoption but if you have space in your heart and home please consider them both.
Caulifla is an Australian Mist Cat which gives her the most beautiful, dappled coat. She is tolerant of our busy home but quite sensitive to changes. I think she would thrive in a household that has good routines and is willing to do a slow introduction to each part of the house. Caulifla’s worry about other cats may stem from the time she spent pregnant and alone. Most of her dominant behaviours have disappeared now that she has had her heart assessed and has been able to be spayed.
She’s very sweet, her vets always comment on her beautiful friendly nature and can’t believe how well she tolerates being looked over. However, she will let you know when she wants a little more one on one. She will meow up at you, asking to be cuddled and I will pick her up and carry her around the house until she asks to get down.
Usually at meet and greets, Caulifla will deign to greet people but sometimes she will tuck herself away and have a sleep under the couch. If you want to meet her, you may need to be prepared for either of these two guises. So often with adult cats, it’s a slow burn to finding their true personality and falling deeply in love. I have a feeling that the right person is going to see Caulifla blossom. She’s so intelligent, athletic, funny and playful and just waiting for her family.
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