Adoption Profile:

Name: Zaylee
DOB: 15/11/2022
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Albany Creek
Snuggle scope: Cuddly once she feels safe with you
Cat scope: Not bothered by other cats
Dog scope: Not bothered by the resident small dog (who is very gentle)
Child scope: Would prefer to be with adults only


Zaylee is a beautiful and somewhat rare ginger female kitten who has already settled in well with her foster family. Zaylee is a very affectionate kitten who loves hanging out and watching TV with her humans. She is always around, whether it’s by your feet, on the bed, or on the desk. She loves company and is happiest when she is with people.
Zaylee is a little shy but with time and patience, she will become more comfortable and confident in her surroundings. She loves the company of adults and will thrive in a home where someone is around to give her attention and affection. She would be an ideal companion for someone who is looking for a cat that is loving, loyal, and always by their side.
Zaylee’s new family should be willing to give her the time and space she needs to settle in and feel safe. A quiet and calm household would be best for her, where she can relax and enjoy the company of her new family.
This little munchkin will grow beautifully into a loving family where she can offer the love she has so quickly shown her foster family. Please note that she can be a little reserved when new people enter her environment, so you may have to sit patiently until she is ready to interact.
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