Adoption Profile:

Name: Zaylee
DOB: 15/11/2022
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Albany Creek
Snuggle scope: Super affectionate as soon as she feels safe with you
Cat scope: Not bothered by other cats
Dog scope: Not bothered by the resident small dog (who is very gentle)
Child scope: Adults only


Zaylee’s thoughts…
I love my foster mum to bits! She makes me feel safe and protected and I know I can trust her.
I love hanging out with mum. During the day, I help her work (ie I sleep on her desk, and sometimes on her keyboard!) and in the evenings, I will hang out on the couch. Mum says my purring is too loud and she has to put up the volume! Bed time is my favourite. I’m always the first on the bed and I love my pats. Mum says I can be annoying sometimes because I like to sit on her chest, particularly when she is reading! If it’s cold, I’ll even suggest she lets me go under the covers for 5-10mins. Then I like to sleep on the bed, I’m the best weighted blanket you could possibly invest in!
Zaylee’s foster mum’s experience…
Zaylee is truly a delight to have in the house. She is the most delightful little kitty and I love having her around. That being said, I would really love to see Zaylee find a forever home where she can be cherished and loved by her own little family. She is truly deserving of an awesome person or persons who she can call her own family.
Zaylee came to us as a scaredy-cat – she has definitely come a long way since her introduction into our household nearly 12 months ago. In the early days, you wouldn’t even see Miss Zay Zay, she was that scared of humans. These days, when I wondering around the house, she isn’t far behind. I won’t lie, she does get spooked if you are walking around quickly, but she is fast to come back and see what you are up to. I’ve even managed to pat her whilst I’ve been in a standing position (the most scary position for Zaylee because she must feel like we tower over her). Zay Zay will even delight me with a leg rub these days… that’s how far she has come!
But realistically, if you are sitting or lying down, that’s when you will see the true Zaylee in full form. She is truly a sweet girl, and that cute little chirp she has when she greets you on the stairs… oh my, it melts my heart every time I hear it!!
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