Adoption Profile:

Name: Lara
DOB: 24/01/2017
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Cannon Hill
Snuggle scope: will tolerate being picked up for short amounts of time. Not a lap cat but will happily sleep at the head of your bed with you.
Cat scope: single cat household or quiet, submissive cat
Dog scope: unknown
Child scope: unknown but would be fine with quiet, gentle hands


After spending the last 6 years locked in a cage, Lara has really come out of her shell since settling into foster care. The first few months in care, Lara spent 99% of her time underneath the bed, only coming out for meals. Once she felt comfortable enough, she moved to her new safe space, under a dresser, which gives her a bit more room to breathe! Although now, she is usually waiting for me on my bed when I get home. She has turned in to the sweetest kitty! She can be playful at times and get the zoomies like any other cat, but will happily spend the day hiding away in her safe space (probably charging up for the zoomies), snoozing. She is very inquisitive and loves to explore, but will run away from loud noises. Even though my other foster cat, Harry, can get in her face sometimes, she still wants to come out of her room and roam the common areas. This sweet girl will give you so much joy.
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