Adoption Profile:

Name: Peyton
DOB: 9/2/10
Gender: Male
Breed: Ragdoll
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Greenslopes
Snuggle scope: ok on his terms. He allows to be picked up and cuddled though
Cat scope: Has lived with multiple cats in the past, but would be best suited as an only cat
Dog Scope: Untested
Child Scope: Untested


Medical note- Peyton came into care a Best Friends Felines in February 2023. At the time he entered care he had severe gingivostomatitis which means his immune system was having a reaction to his teeth. This
results in significant ulceration of the mouth and back of the throat.
The treatment for this is full mouth extractions. After healing Peytons mouth was settled down. He did continue to occasionally sneeze sometimes with blood. There is a chance he may have this lifelong due
to the prolonged inflammation he experienced in his mouth and throat. Given his unknown age he is estimated at 13 years old, and may potentially have something else underlying, however at this stage his
blood work and examinations are normal. Therefore it is most likely he will have chronic sneezing with occasional blood. Peyton is also deaf .
Peyton came into our care along with several other ragdolls from an urgent care situation up north. He was quite underweight and sickly looking as his mouth was so sore he wasn’t able to eat properly. His paws were brown from constantly pawing at his mouth and it looked like he hadn’t groomed himself in years. He had a condition called gingivostomatitis which was resolved by removing all of his infected teeth, leaving him with just incisors. He felt instant relief once they were removed so has been making up for lost time in the food department, now sitting at a healthy weight with a healthy coat.
He has since become a very smoochy, human dependent cat. Given his age he doesn’t have much interest in toys so spends most of his day either laying around, watching the kittens play around him or staring about in the kitchen wondering when dinner is ready. He also loves to follow you from room to room, especially when it’s getting close to dinner time. He is a food motivated cat so will want you to share your dinner with him.
He is a very outgoing boy who will greet all visitors at the door and is open to a pat. Given that he was born deaf, he reacts a little bit differently than other cats so his owners will need time to get to know his behaviors and what he does or doesn’t like. He does have a spunky ragdoll attitude and needs someone willing to look past his differences and be patient with him.
His purrs are heard throughout the whole house which go even louder when you’ve got food in your hand, it’s dinner time or he’s enjoying a really good pat. You will also hear grumbles from him while he’s eating if he is really enjoying the food.
Of a morning, if you aren’t up before him he will stand there staring at you, purring away until you awake from your slumber. Then he loves to join you at the basin while you get yourself ready for the day, providing background music (purring) and head bumps on any surface that is closest to him.
If you wanna spend your days with a smile on your face and believe this gorgeous blue eyed beauty is the right man for your household – 
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