Adoption Profile:
Name: Jellybean
DOB: 11/11/2023
Gender: female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Spring Mountain
Snuggle Scope: Super cuddly
Cat scope: Loves all of the resident cats and kittens
Dog Scope: Lives with small dogs and interacts beautifully
Child Scope: Very comfortable around gentle children


Jellybean is a sleek, beautiful black panther with energy to burn! She loves nothing better than playing rough and tumble with her foster brothers and sisters, and even the small dogs in the house. She has the loudest purr, and will entwine herself around your legs to get a cuddle, or look up at you with her gorgeous eyes to get a head scratch. She is quite independent, and happy to amuse herself with her toys (kitten wands, climbing towers and fluffy balls are particularly favourites!) or her foster fur siblings, but loves a night time cuddle, and a nice warm bed to curl up in.
Jellybean would make a beautiful addition to any home or family – she is waiting patiently to meet you!

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