Adoption Profile:

Name: Irwin
DOB: 26/11/2023
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Kallangur
Snuggle scope: Super smoocher
Cat scope: Great with proper introductions
Dog scope: Untested
Child scope: Great with gentle, older children
Medical Note: Irwin came into care emaciated and with severe cat flu as a kitten so is quite small for his age. Due to the severity of his flu symptoms, his 3rd eyelid remains slightly visible and he occasionally gets watery eyes. He is non-contagious to other cats and confirmed healthy by our vets, however he may present with mild flu symptoms at times of stress and after annual vaccinations. These symptoms usually resolve without any intervention, but a quick course of antibiotics may be needed after a big change such as moving house etc.


Irwin came into care as an unsocialised kitten with no prior human contact, and was so critically ill that it was doubtful whether he would survive. He was initially (and understandably!) quite timid around people but has since learned that humans give the best cuddles, treats, and his favourite thing of all – kisses!
Irwin lives his life at double speed, he has developed a massive personality and always wants to be the centre of attention. Wherever his foster mum is, he’s always right there, chirping to be picked up for cuddles, weaving in and out of her legs, or shoving his entire face into whatever it is she’s doing (or eating!)
Irwin has no concept of personal space, but in the best way possible. He loves to climb up for snuggles and offers his little face for kisses at every opportunity. He is, however, also easily distracted and entertained by toys, or playing chase with foster brother Ethan. He will happily take himself off to his cat tower for a snooze when the house is quiet, so a home where his family work during the day is no issue.
While Irwin loves other cats, he will need to go to a home where any other pets are of a similar loving and playful temperament, or are placid enough to tolerate his frequent attempts to snuggle and wrestle with them. While he has come a long way on his journey to safety with BFF, he will need a calm and quiet space of his own for a few days when he goes to his forever home so he can get to know his new surroundings and family in his own time. Once he’s settled in, Irwin is guaranteed to entertain and love on his lucky new owners with every chance he gets.
Anyone who meets Irwin will fall in love with his big, round ‘Puss In Boots’ eyes, chirpy mews, rumbly purrs, and constant want for smooches. He would do best in a loving home where he gets lots of affection and feels safe and secure, ideally with another playful cat for company.


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