Adoption Profile:

Name: Katie
DOB: 25/03/2020
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Marsden
Snuggle scope: Likes to snuggle at bed time
Cat scope: Excellent after initial introductions – needs a feline friend
Dog scope: Not suitable
Child scope: Suited to a home with no children
Medical note: Katie has an allergic skin disease. She is allergic to some types of food. She has responded really well to her special diet and will need to be careful with what she eats for her whole life.


Katie was adopted from BFF as a baby but was returned due to her suffering allergies.
She has had quite a bit of upheaval over the last 12mths which has caused her to be initially very shy and cautious of new people. Once trust had been established she is an extremely playful and outgoing young lady. Katie adores playtime and is happiest with playmates of similar size.
Katie has lived in multiple cat households and as a solo cat, and she is happier with feline company where she can go crazy in cat play and tumble. If Katie is left alone for long periods she can get lonely and as such finds herself getting into mischievous situations.
Katie loves her food, but most food does not agree with her, giving her skin allergies – we have been able to find a low preservative diet that agrees with her allergies diet that is not cost-prohibitive. However, her siblings’ food is most definitely off-limits.
Katie loves to sleep alongside foster mum every night, or in a spot of sunlight during the day. Katie can be very high energy, so playtime is a must for her to expend energy.
Katie has displayed reactions to most preventative flea treatments, but vet Dr Shane has advised she can live in a multi-cat household untreated if other cats/pets are medicated with flea prevention. Katie is untested with small children, however, Katie can get frustrated with unwanted attention, and as such small children environment would not be recommended. When Katie is stressed she will exhibit mild cat flu symptoms like sneezing and watery eyes, although fully vaccinated – this will be an ongoing condition for her.

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