Adoption Profile:

Name: Gilmore
Age: 11/09/2020
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Cashmere
Snuggle scope: Likes a cuddle on his terms
Cat scope: Good with other cats
Dog scope: Is okay with the resident dogs
Child scope: Suited to older children because he can play roug


Gilmore is a very handsome young man and a real character. He has his mad minutes where he will fly through the house making chirping noises. He loves his foster sister, and can play a little rough with her, but she does hold her own with him.
Gilmore’s favourite past time is bird watching from the cat tower that is up against the windows of the lounge room. He sits on the top of the tower, making those weird noises at them while they happily eat the seed, we put out for them. When I’m cooking pasta, he will sit at the stove and wait for it to cook, then when I drain it, he is pawing at my leg to give him some. He prefers the long spaghetti type, which I always cook for him, and when I give him the pasta, he will throw it around the room and chase after it, it’s so amusing to watch.
Gilmore is quite timid and will hide when someone new comes into the house. But if we ignore him, he will eventually show his face, but will still be a little weary. Once he is comfortable with you, he will snuggle up next to you on the lounge chair or snuggle into your back when it’s bedtime. Gilmore sleeps the day away curled up on the bed with his head on my pillow.
Gilmore is an absolute sweetheart, with a lot of energy and loves his food. If you are doing something, he needs to be right there with you offering his assistance. Gilmore loves to help with the chores, he will help mop the floor by chasing the mop and skidding on the wet floor and he absolutely loves to help make the bed, I’m not quite sure how helpful he really is but he does make it a lot of fun.
This little man is pure love and entertainment and would make a wonderful addition to any home. Gilmore would be okay with another cat that has some sass and energy or he would be fine on his own.

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