Adoption Profile:

Name: Chipotle
DOB: 16/10/2020
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Female
Adoption fee: $170
Location: Bardon
Snuggle Scope: very enthusiastic about pats when she feels safe
Cat scope: is okay with non-dominant cats after slow introductions but would be happier in a single cat home.
Child Scope: Untested
Dog Scope: Would prefer no dogs


Chipotle is a shy but very sweet girl who has come so far from the tiny scared kitten she used to be. Once she settles in and gets to know you, Chippy is the most adorable little cuddle bug. She will rub her head into hands, smooshing her face in or turning her shoulders to you directing where she wants her pats. She will purr up a storm and reach out her head or feet if you dare pause in her pats. Not usually too vocal, Chippy makes the most adorable trills and chirps as she darts about, plays, or wants your attention.
Chippy loves to climb and scratch on the cat tower – she prefers to nap in raised areas so she can keep an eye on her domain. She also REALLY loves to play and can’t resist wand toys that you drag along the ground! You’ll have so much fun keeping each other entertained!
Like with all changes, Chipotle will take time to adjust to a new environment – she shows resilience with calm spaces and having somewhere she can pick as a safe space.
Playing with her will help her bond with you and build confidence in her new home. She also really loves Churu paste treats and will find her brave to come and lick these off your finger.
Chippy was good friends with some other kitties when she was younger, and enjoys doing zoomies with a buddy. She has shown strength being able to be selective of who she shares her time with, some cats she gets along with, but some more dominant cats seem to be too much for her personality and she shys away from those interactions.
Chippy previously lived with a large inside dog which she was too much for her.
To see some of Chippy’s antics, check out her video playlist on YouTube:
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