Adoption Profile:

Name: Evie
DOB: 28/10/2018
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Kallangur
Snuggle scope: Loves to be patted and fussed over
Cat scope: Tolerates other cats but prefers being solo
Dog scope: Fine to exist around dogs but doesn’t like being approached by them
Child scope: Fine with gentle children
MEDICAL NOTE: Evie struggles with inappropriate toileting, she’s been thoroughly assessed by our vets and they have determined it’s an anxiety issue.


Evie is on the look out for her very own special someone.
And a very special person they need to be.
Evie has anxiety and behavioural issues which cause her to toilet inappropriately, this tends to manifest in two ways:
1. She will hold onto her bladder until she can no longer control it and will urinate where she’s lying.
2. She will pick a spot on the floor and will toilet there repeatedly.
We’ve trialled Evie with a few different medications and we’ve found when she’s medicated she’s more prone to number 1, and when she’s not medicated she’s more prone to number 2.
There’s a few ways this can be managed:
– Have a bedroom or pen Evie can be confined to when you first bring her home, when she has no other option of where to go she will use her litter tray. She can be gradually introduced to the rest of the house but this process can’t be rushed.
– Absolutely no carpet in your home.
– If she’s been sleeping on your bed for quite a long time (4 hours or more) pick her up and take her to her litter tray so she’s reminded to use it.
– No sharing litter trays, if another cat has used the litter tray she won’t use it.
– Being prepared to put a litter tray where she decides to toilet. For example, if she decides to toilet underneath your dining room table the best approach is to put a litter tray there.
– Love and patience. This is something that will need to be managed for the rest of her life and her new family must be 100% committed to it.
Whoever adopts Evie will be rewarded with such a sweet, delightful girl. She’s so friendly and chatty. She will follow you all around the house demanding your attention and your love, and she purrs her head off when you pat her.
She does shed quite a lot of hair so will need regular brushing.
She’s very inquisitive and loves to explore the house and see what everyone is up to. If there’s a closed door anywhere you’ll find Evie waiting on the other side!
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