Adoption Profile:

Name: Rayna
DOB: 01/02/2019
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption fee: $170
Location: Alderley
Snuggle Scope: Automatic purr, loves pats and licking fingers
Cat Scope: Fine with correct introductions
Dog Scope: Fine with correct introductions with respectful dogs, has been in care with both a small and large dog.
Child Scope: Untested, but would likely be fine
Vet work: Complete


Rayna came to BFF with from a hoarding situation with another cat (Remi) who is most likely her daughter from a previous litter. She arrived with 8wk old kittens, and it was pretty clear she’s had litter after litter during her short life.
Rayna is fine with strangers, and if they give her a pat but walk off before she’s done, she is likely to follow them, politely requesting more pats please. She is not overly needy, and is happy to be independent most of the day. But will always greet you with a purr and ask for a head rub if you approach and offer pats and loves to lick fingers – she will even rub into and lick your face if she can!
Rayna is not interested in interacting with other cats (or dogs for that matter), but if they respect her wishes then she is more than happy to coexist in a multi cat household, and will even happily ignore a dog. She would also happily be the queen of her own personal castle.
Rayna is on the large side, and loves her food! loves it so much she doesn’t have much self control, so needs to be in a home where biscuits are not available 24/7 as she doesn’t know when to stop eating… She is not an active cat, though she can be convinced to excercise a little for her meals, and occasionally likes rolling around batting at toys with her humans.
Rayna’s perfect life would consist of food, a human to love her, and a comfy spot to sleep the day away. She has had a pretty miserable start to her life, however is now ready for a bright future with a human(s) who will love her unconditionally.
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