Adoption Profile:

Name: Slash
DOB: 12/10/2015
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: North Lakes
Snuggle scope: Absolutely on his own terms
Cat scope: Single cat household
Dog scope: A little unpredictable, okay if the dog keeps their distance
Child scope: Will tolerate gentle children giving him pats
Medical Note: Slash came into care with a urinary blockage so severe he needed emergency surgery to save his life. Because of this, he now needs a special prescription diet for the rest of his life to prevent further blockages occurring. 


Slash (named for the famous guitarist) is a closet sweetheart. Most interactions with Slash are on his terms, but when you get it right, he rewards you with a satisfied blink and even a brief purring – which is a cross between purring and grunting! He loves to sleep and has a few favourite spots. He is very diligent in using the scratching tower and has never damaged furniture. He is very good at using a closed litterbox and is not fussy about litter brand changes.
Slash is however fussy with food and is also on a special renal diet – he would refuse food repeatedly if he does not like the particular flavour, he loves dry food but is reluctant to drink water. It is important that extra liquid gets added to his wet food (bottled water as he seems to hate council water!)
Slash will need a lot of love and encouragement and tends to share his sweet side with one preferred person only, so if you are perhaps that special person that has heaps of patience and a lot of kitty love, Slash will eventually learn to adore you also.
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