Adoption Profile:

Name: Oliver
DOB: 30/06/2021
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Arana Hills
Snuggle scope: Getting cuddlier each day
Cat scope: Fine with other cats if introduced properly
Dog scope: Fine with small friendly dogs
Child scope: Best suited to gentle children 10+


Oliver is a true fairy-tale story. This boy is such a kind, sweet boy who has learnt that being playful is what the life of a cat is all about. Having humans that love you and nurture who is part of how life should be. Oliver has been on an amazing journey with us and we are truly happy that we have seen him flourish to the beautiful boy he is today!
When Oliver first arrived you could see the terror in his eyes. There was nothing sadder than seeing how much he didn’t trust humans. My guess is that he had a pretty awful beginning in life and the behaviour he learned around humans was to be aware and alert. Having said this, at no time has Oliver ever tried to lash out EVER. He was always destined to be a lover and not a fighter, but sadly this meant that the first few months that he stayed with us, meant that we couldn’t get close enough to even show him that we were decent humans, which truly broke my heart. Thank goodness for the other cats (both perm and fosters) who came to his rescue and showed him how life could be.
Over time, Oliver watched how we interacted with all the other cats and slowly took very tiny chances on us. First, he’d stay in the same room as us… next, he’d eat food whilst we stood nearby, and slowly as the weeks passed, I ventured in… and stole a very QUICK pat from him whilst he was eating! OMG the look on his face!!! “What the heck was that?” I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what he was saying, as I could see he was definitely taken by surprise, but equally delighted with something he had NEVER experienced before… love in the form of a pat!
Over time, this became our ritual, Oliver eats food, we pat and walk away… fast forward to today, where… wait for it… Oliver now comes to us for a pat, in fact… Oliver flops over in front of us, purring his head off! Oliver is truly enjoying the affection and I can see that we are only at the beginning of Oliver’s human affection journey!
If there is one cat you want to take a chance on… come meet Oliver. And did I mention that to my absolutely delight, Oliver has the silkiest of fur, with the most awesome markings on his body. He truly is a special boy, in so many ways.
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