Adoption Profile:

Name: Cookie
DOB: 06/04/2022
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Wakerley
Snuggle scope: With some pats she will warm up to anyone
Cat scope: Great with other cats
Dog scope: Untested
Child scope : Fine with kids!
Vet work: Complete


Cookie is such a sweet little Calico.
This little girl is shy at first, but with plenty of pats and cuddles she will definitely warm up to anyone. She’s very good at watching from a distance to size you up. But once you’ve won her over, her purrs will keep you hypnotised for hours. She’s cat friendly and used to many people in a household. Cookie loves her food, is litter trained and very petite. She’s a lovely addition to a small or large home.
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