Adoption Profile:

Name: Halsey
DOB: 28/12/2019
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Nundah
Snuggle scope: loves a snuggle
Cat scope: Needs to be a solo diva
Dog scope: Can live happily but won’t be friends.
Child scope: Best with older, calm children or young children if supervised so she doesn’t get startled


Halsey is a sweetheart who loves to love and to know she’s loved. She’s a little shadow, who will follow her humans from room to room, keeping them in her sights. She has beautiful markings and wins over visitors with her pretty features and friendly nature. Halsey is a quick learner and picks up new routines and games easily. She isn’t shy and she enjoys affection, a good chin scratch or a stroke along the back of her coat. Halsey loves to keep you on your toes with how many pats she’ll enjoy at a time. Relaxed day times in a cosy space and evening zoomies before bed are her favourite. She’d be a great addition to almost any home once she settles in. Halsey is a sensitive soul, not a fan of noisy environments or other cats. In her perfect home, she would be the solo diva. Originally adopted from BFF as a kitten, through no fault of her own, she has found herself back in our care looking for a new family.
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