Adoption Profile:

Name: Momiji
DOB : 9/11/22
Gender : female
Breed: DMH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Ipswich
Snuggle scope: She might take a few days to learn she can trust you but then she is super snuggly! This is on Momoji’s terms though and she will squeak at you to pat her ! She doesn’t like being picked up.
Cat scope: Ok with careful introductions


Momiji is a super sweet little girl. She is quiet until she gets to know you but once she knows she can trust you then she is super sweet and loves attention although does not like to be picked up. She adores pats though and purrs up a storm!
Momiji is one of a kind! She still sounds like a kitten when she miaws, super high pitched. She is clumsy and when being patted she enjoys it so much she becomes like butter and needs help to stop her from falling off whatever high thing she is on at the time! She adores food especially treats and is usually first in line to eat!
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