Adoption Profile:

Name: Caulifla
DOB : 21/09/2020
Gender : Female
Breed: Australian Mist Cat
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Churchill
Snuggle scope: Snuggly but not clingy.
Cat scope: Tolerates other cats, wants to look after young kittens.
Dog scope: Untested
Child scope : Gentle with kids but not very interested.

Medical Notes: Caulifla has what is known as an innocent, non-clinical heart murmur. She has been assessed by a heart specialist and they don’t believe it will have any impact on her quality of life.

Caulifla is very loved in our home, a sweet, quiet girl with a kittenish energy. She is very easy going, but can be a bit bored if she doesn’t get enough attention each day. She’s a little chatty, she often let’s us know if she’s found a toy or interesting item, and sweeps in for cuddles and pats with a chirp.
Caulifla is an excellent foster mum to all other cats and kittens, she loves to clean and snuggle them. Before desexing, Caulifla showed signs of distress due to the presence of entire males in the neighbourhood, since desexing she has been a model cat, ignoring the visits of the neighbourhood cats and preferring to relax in her cat tree rather than engage with activities of outdoor cats.
Caulifla has been often overlooked due to an innocent heart murmur but this should not affect either her longevity or her playfulness.
Every visitor, vet or child who meets her comments on her sweetness, gentleness and trusting nature. Come meet her for a chance to be her forever family.
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