Adoption Profile:
Name: Gaston
DOB: 30.11.22
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Everton Park
Snuggle Scope: Loves To Cuddle
Cat Scope: can be a bit dominant but mostly good.
Dog Scope: gets on well with the resident dog.
Child Scope: Good with proper introductions

Gaston is a big handsome young cat. He has no idea of his size and still thinks he is a kitten. This can be a problem with smaller less dominant cats. Gaston would best suit a household with a dog he can play with and snuggle up against. He can be a bit shy when you first meet him but he quickly warms up to people. Gaston thinks he is a lap cat but as he is so big, he overflows so most of the time he settles for snuggling next to you. He does like to know where you are and will call out if he knows you are home, and he can’t see you. He needs to know you are paying attention to him and will roll over for tummy rubs and head butt for pats with loads of purrs. He really is a very affectionate boy, who loves playing with the laser and string toys. Want a snuggle bed buddy then this is your man.
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