Adoption Profile:

Name: Hadley
DOB: 30/10/2021
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Ashgrove
Snuggle scope: On her own terms
Cat scope: Excellent with all cats
Dog scope: Untested
Child scope: Teens and older


Sugar and spice and all things nice, that’s what this kitty is made of! Hadley is an intriguing combination of cute, curious, and sassy, and is just the kitty to keep you on your toes! This little miss came into care as a completely unsocialised kitten, and has had quite the journey from a tiny, hissing fluffball to a young cat who’s very much learnt to appreciate the comforts of a home environment. To the uninitiated, Hadley may still present as a scaredy cat, however her foster carer can confidently reassure you that Hadley’s skill with delivering stank eye, the cold shoulder, or vacating a room is more about “teenage” angst than about fear these days!
Hadley is quite the character: she will be your best friend at meal times, and is legendary for her periscope paw that comes snaking up over the bench to try to steal the first tasty morsels! She also has an insatiable sweet tooth, so fair warning to guard your biscuit stash! She is endlessly inquisitive, and her curiosity tends to triumph over any lingering anxiousness, so you’ll often find her sticky-beaking at windows and doors, or perched high at the best vantage point keeping tabs on all the neighbourhood activities! She adores time spent in the catio and secure outdoor cat enclosure, where her sentry skills are at their peak!
Hadley’s temperament is mercurial, but not in an aggressive way – one moment she’ll be rolling around on the floor, exposing her racing-stripe white belly whilst asking for chin scratches and purring like a freight train, and the next she’ll be refusing to acknowledge your very existence, or giving you the silent treatment because you dared to pat her without invitation! Never fear, we are confident that this is a teenage phase, and comes down to Hadley firmly believing that life should be lived purely on her terms, and that no idea is a good one unless she initiates it! Although extremely strong-willed, she continues to progress well on her journey to trusting that humans actually aren’t all scary, and is at the stage where she desperately wants pats, but stubbornly refuses to appear as though she wants them!! Hadley recently had a major breakthrough and is now asking for physical interactions multiple times a day…..the catch being that her human slave must instantly obey, stroke and scratch intensively for at least 10 mins, and accept that at any moment Hadley may decide she’s done with you and sashay off as though nothing has happened!
Hadley’s wish is for a patient, special family who is savvy with cats, and she would especially love a feline friend in her new home. Hadley responds well to situations where she can observe positive interactions with other cat/s in the household, and surreptitiously insert herself into the situation – this is perfect to help her build trust. She is playful (but not in an overbearing way), respects her place in the pecking order, and mixes well with both the adult cats and foster kittens in her current foster home. She’s yet to reach the snuggling stage, but with time, love, and perseverance, there’s a good chance she’ll cave eventually! Currently she’ll deign to sit close to her foster carer on the couch or sneak up on her carer’s bed when she thinks everyone is asleep, both of which are definitely positive signs! Hadley would feel most comfortable in a calm, quieter home with older teens and/or adults.
Hadley is a petite, very pretty, hilarious little girl who certainly keeps life interesting….she definitely makes you work for it, but that’s what makes the bonding moments with her all the more rewarding. So if you’re up for personality plus and an entertaining battle of wills to give you those warm and fuzzies, please reach out to request a meet with this cheeky little dynamo!
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