Adoption Profile:

Name: Miley
DOB: 26/12/2022
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic short hair
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Caboolture South
Snuggle scope: 8/10 snuggler
Cat scope: Hasn’t properly met other feline friends yet beside her siblings
Dog scope: Is curious with a Shih Tzu, not super confident yet
Child scope : Super friendly, loves to snuggle and play


While this little Miley can’t quite buy her own flowers, she loves to play/dance with her siblings. With her Snow White paws and tabby markings make her a seriously stunning little kitty, but beware, butter doesn’t melt in her mouth. Behind her beauty is serious spunk, she loves maxi skirts and ankle tapping, 10/10 loves to play and chase toys. She has a tomboy energy, has grown so much in the snuggle department over the last three months. Plus she is so much fun.
Miley would be a good addition to a family home where she can have a balance of playtime and affection, she thrives off enrichment and stimulation and also would benefit from a bit of quiet snuggle time. Miley loves jumping on your shoulders if you’re crouching down, giving you gentle love bites and nuzzling into your hair, all while purring deeply into your ear. Given how much she loves her foster sibling Willow the rescue pup, Miley should adapt well to existing fur kids on the house with a slow and gentle approach. She prefers to chow down on her crunchies all day over wet food, and loves to nap in a destination as high as she can climb up to!
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