Adoption Profile:

Name: Tanvi
DOB: 13/02/22
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption fee: $170
Location: Durack
Snuggle Scope: Love pats and smooches
Cat Scope: Not a fan
Dog Scope: Hasn’t acknowledged the small dog in her foster home
Child Scope: would be fine with gentle hands


Tanvi was surrendered to a high kill pound with kittens in tow, and quickly made her way into BFF care, as surrendered cats are PTS immediately if pounds are full.
Tanvi was pretty cranky when she arrived, but her nature improved immediately once her older kittens were removed from her care – turns out she was done being a mumma. She also had two broken teeth that would have been causing her pain, but these have now been removed and she is a lot happier for her.
Over the last few weeks, Tanvi’s carer has been trying to integrate her into the home with other cats, however Tanvi is not a fan of other cats, preferring her own company.
Tanvi is a sweet natured cat despite her looking like she hates the word in her photos (lol) – she is quite happy to be patted and picked up.
Tanvi needs a home of her very own with no other cats so she can live her best life.
This beautiful girl has so much potential to be an amazing house cat, she just needs to be the queen of her home – if you have no other cats and would love a friendly sweet cat to keep you company,
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