Adoption Profile:


Name: Mars

DOB: 31/12/2017


Gender: Male


Breed: DSH


Adoption Fee: $170


Location: Chermside


Snuggle scope: Timid at first, but cuddly when settled


Cat scope: Fine with correct introductions


Dog scope: Untested


Child scope: Untested


Watch out world, the sweetest ginger ninja, the most beautiful badonkachonk Mars is looking for love! A large lad with a heart of gold, Mars arrived into care needing some patience and understanding while he relearned that people aren’t so bad. His carer eventually won him over with food and pats, Mars loves treats more than anything so the way to his heart will definitely be through his stomach!
He loves to sit next to his carer every evening for a good purr and ear scratch, and to be told what a good, sweet boy he is. It took a few weeks to earn Mars’ trust, and he tends to come out to greet individual guests but not families thus far—but he is getting more sociable all the time and would flourish further in an understanding and patient home. The effort to win his heart will pay great dividends when this tender hearted, sweet lad decides to love you right back.
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