Name: Breana
DOB : 21/5/23
Gender : Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Cleveland
Snuggle scope: Very cuddly.
Cat scope: cat friendly.
Dog scope: tolerates the resident dog.
Child scope : not tested but will be fine with gentle introductions.
Medical note – Breana arrived in care with cat flu and a 9cm prolapse that had been left untreated. She has had surgery to fix this and there should be no further issues. Breana is other wise happy and healthy but might flare up slightly in times of stress, moving house, dramatic change or at annual vaccinations.


Do you need some fun in your life? Then Breana is your girl! Bre is a bundle of fun, energy and love all wrapped up in a cute fluffy little body. She adores her people and loves cuddles. She also like to know what you are doing, and will “help you” at any given opportunity
She is a very busy lady who loves to play and jump and play again. She is a little energizer bunny who leaps and bounds around the house enjoying life.
Breana will check in with her human before heading out to find adventure but loves nothing more when she is done than cuddling up on your lap. She has the loudest purrs and all you have to do is touch her or talk to her and the purr starts.
After such an awful start to her life Breana deserves a home that will love and adore her. Are you her forever human.

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