Adoption Profile
Name: Tau
DOB : 14/8/2023
Gender : Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Cleveland
Snuggle scope: Very cuddly- he loves everyone!!
Cat scope: cat friendly.
Dog scope: happy to play with the resident dog.
Child scope : fine with gentle introductions.

Medical note – Tau arrived into care after being found wandering the streets, after his first vaccination cat he showed mild flu symptoms . Tau is otherwise healthy and happy but might flare up slightly in times of stress, moving house, dramatic change or at annual vaccinations.

Tau came into care as a stray. A little bit shy with new people he quickly turns into a super confident little man who just loves everyone and has no idea about personal space- he just has to be close to you. Tau loves his food so if you have treats he will be your friend. He loves playing chasey and when finished playing will either hop on the cat tower for a quick sleep or on your lap. His beautiful soft tuxie coat and oriental like features gives him a distinguished air but this little fellow is a true kitten loving nothing better than to play with balls and toys. Tau’s favourite spot is the top of a bed so he can be near you.

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