Adoption Profile:
Name: Errol
DOB : 28/02/2023
Gender : Male
Breed: DMH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Murarrie
Snuggle scope: very curious about pats and will accept chin scratches sometimes. Likes to hold hands but still quite wary of being touched.
Cat scope: Adores his brother Turnip but is very wary of other cats.
Dog scope: Untested but unlikely to suit.
Child scope : Untested but will not suit household with young children.


Errol is a goofy chap, shy at first but once he trusts you his funny, curious little personality shines! He and his brother Turnip had a rough start at life until they came into care with BFF at about 5 months old. Initially, he was very scared of humans but slowly he’s come to trust his foster family and they have been delighted to watch him come out of his shell. He loves a good game and will use his expressive big eyes to let his foster mum know he would like her to play with him or nudge the wand toy towards her. He will lose himself in the game and it’s been a fantastic way to build trust. He also loves playing with his toys or batting a ball around with Turnip. He also loves a good wrestle with his brother and a game of chase.
Errol loves to climb up and down his cat tree and he will usually take up residence at the very top to supervise his foster mum as she works from home. He is very curious about people and will often come sit beside you and tap your hand with his own paw. He’s started very seriously considering sitting on his foster mum’s lap recently which is incredible progress. Given how far he has progressed it would be fantastic for him to be able to continue his healing journey in his forever home with his forever family. Errol needs someone who understands cats, that will take the time to invest in helping him overcome his fear and be patient as they slowly build his trust. He would be happiest if he could continue to live with his brother as they are the best of friends. He has already made so much progress in such a short time and he will only to continue to blossom into his true happy goofy self in the right home.

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