Adoption Profile:

Name: Jemmy
DOB : 27.09.2023
Gender : Female
Breed: DMH
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Browns Plains
Snuggle scope: loves a cuddle
Cat scope: gets on well with all
Dog scope: Not Tested
Child scope : would be fine with gentle hands


Jemmy, another adorable kitten born in care. Jemmy is just as cuddly and fun as Ruthie! She’s always up for a snuggle and loves being the center of attention. But when it comes to playtime, Jemmy is all about chasing lasers and toys! It’s hilarious to watch her dart around, trying to catch those elusive beams and pouncing on his favorite toys. And you won’t believe it, but Jemmy is also quite the social butterfly. She loves hanging out with the big foster cats, learning from them, and even trying to keep up with their playful antics. Jemmy is such a bundle of joy and brings so much happiness to everyone around her
She is such an energetic little bundle of fur. She absolutely loves chasing after her sister and playing with her foster siblings. It’s like a non-stop game of tag around the house! Jemmy is a little acrobat. She’s always climbing, jumping from one surface to another with such grace and agility. It’s like she’s part kitten, part ninja! I’m always amazed at her adventurous spirit and her ability to turn any space into her own personal playground. Jemmy definitely knows how to keep things lively and entertaining!!

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