Adoption Profile:

Name: Arche
DOB: 28/10/2023
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Palm Beach
Snuggle scope: Snuggly
Cat scope: Loves other cats
Dog scope: Untested
Child scope: Untested


Arche is a striking tiger-striped tabby boy with electric caramel and black stripes through his long fluffy hair, and cream highlights on his face and tummy. Arche loves to connect deeply with individual people, so might be cautious on first meeting. Yet once you’ve earned his trust you’ll discover a relaxed, sweet, affectionate and playful boy with a huge heart.
Arche loves spending time snuggling and tumbling with other cats. He’s become the unofficial big brother to younger kittens and a keen admirer of older cats. Arche has an almost Maine-Coone vibe, with long limbs and stripes all through his long furry coat. He loves watching from high places, sleeping in on cold mornings, racing through cat tunnels and rolling onto his back to receive furry belly rubs

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