Adoption Profile:

Name: Nacho
DOB : 18/03/2023
Gender : Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Wavell Heights
Snuggle scope: Learning to enjoy the snuggles
Cat scope: Loves other cats
Dog scope: Untested but should be ok with careful introduction
Child scope : Older calm children 10+


Medical Note:
Nacho came in with severe gum infection affecting her teeth, with this her teeth were all removed, so she is a gummy girl, but hasn’t affected her eating habits.
Little Miss Curiosity loves to follow her foster careers everywhere, checking out what they are up to. Nacho needs to be sure she is not missing out on any fun! She loves to play, chasing her favourite balls and toy fish around.
When Nacho is done exploring and playing, she will curl up somewhere close by, next to her foster careers on the couch or near their feet.
Nacho currently lives with older children and loves to be carried around and play but finds little humans a little too unpredictable. She would be best suited to a household with older children.
Nacho loves the other cats she lives with and would love another friend to play with but would also be happy as an only cat where she gets all the attention.
Nacho arrived in care with a sore mouth but with love from our caring vets, she has had a full tooth extraction and has never been happier. No teeth does not hold her back, in fact you wouldn’t know unless you looked in her mouth.

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