Adoption Profile:

Name: Sebastian
DOB : 25/9/23
Gender : Male
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Nortlakes
Snuggle scope: snuggly
Cat scope: Fine
Dog scope: Fine
Child scope: Fine with gentle hands


A beautiful black fuzzy house panther, go no further to find the gorgeous boy for you. One of his favourite things is to chase another kitten up the hallway or monkeying up the cat tower. Along with his brothers Coal and Huxley he is the life of the party, if you would like yo adopt 2 kittens, let Sebastian be one of your choices as it means it will be a good one. The scratch post is a favourite climbing apparatus and this playful kitty lovestoys, boxes and especially paper. He snuggles up with the other 5 kittens in the smallest of spaces and is generally in the bottom of the kitten snuggle pile along with his brother Coal, another house panther but with a tiny white bit on this throat. Sebastian gets along with his foster siblings the cats and the kittens and even his dog foster brother. He likes to snuggle in a fluffy cat bed even, actually especially if there is a kitten or two already in it. This little man manages to monkey up the bed and curl up next to you, making his presence known.
He has a big purr and like most kittens loves his own voice.
Sebastian would make great addition to any family dynamic whether to complete any family either looking for their first kitty or extending their kitty family. He’s such a playful little boy and gives everyone cuddles and you can feel his love surrounding you.
Sebastian is looking forward to moving to his forever home when his vet work is complete and you certainly won’t be sorry if you take him home.

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