Adoption Profile:
Name: Violet
DOB: 2/10/22
Gender: Female
Breed: DMH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Gold Coast
Snuggle scope: Violet loves a pat and a scratch but so far is not one to come sit on you. This is because she spends so much time with the other kittens – with less cats around she would become more focused on her person
Cat scope: Loves playing with resident cats.
Dog scope: Violet is friends with the resident small dog
Child scope: not tested but would do well with gentle children.

Violet is a special kitty. She has a condition called mild Cerebular Hypoplasia. The way this affects her is her balance is not great and she is little bit wobbly (hence her nickname Wobbly Pants). She is healthy and behaves like any other kitten her age in every other way. She loves to play and it is adorable to watch as she tends to topple over at times. She is an absolute sweetheart and loves a nice pat. She will come rub up against your legs as you prepare her food. She was not socialised in her early months so is just learning to enjoy being loved. With patience and time I have no doubt she would become a very snuggly girl. She also has a very sweet soft meow.

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