Adoption Profile:

Name: Jagger and Jewell
DOB: 11/08/2019
Gender: Male and Female
Breed: Tonkinese cross
Adoption Fee: $300
Location: Yandina
Snuggle scope: They are super scardies so not cuddly Jewell will sometimes allow her carer to brush and pat her.
Cat scope: Not tested but curious about the kittens in current foster carers house,
Dog Scope : not tested
Child scope: not suitable for a home with children


Wanted – a very special human with lots of love and patience to give! Jagger and Jewell were found on the street. They are still quite scared of humans but with time and patience they are slowly coming around.
When settled Jewell is the confident one of the pair. She greets her human every morning and is quite chatty and will come for a pat and a scratch and is becoming comfortable with being brushed. Its been a slow journey for her to trust and in time she may become a lap cat but this will take a significant amount of time and patient.
Jagger is a big boy but was very good for our amazing vet allowing him to bring him out of his carrier and weigh him. He is the more timid of the pair but will sit and watch his human. He is not at the stage where he will allow pats but is very curious about the goings on in his current foster home. Jagger and Jewell rely on each other so need to be adopted together. Are you that special person?

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