Adoption Profile:

Name: Cecilie
DOB: 11/08/24
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Everton Park
Snuggle Scope: Snuggly & learning to be picked up/held
Cat Scope: Good with other cats
Dog Scope: Untested with dogs
Child Scope: Untested with children


Cecilie (pronounced Cecilia or Cecily depending on your part of the world!) came to BFF as part of our Last Litter Program.

Since her (much larger) brother has been adopted, Cecilie has had a chance to let her big kitten energy really show.

She is the most beautiful kitten on the outside and inside, with stunning orange eyes, a heart on her nose and beautiful white markings on her coat.

She loves to do zoomies, chase toy wands and her absolute favourite thing is her KMart tunnel which provides hours of entertainment for her (and her carer).
Being raised in a house with a couple of older (and wiser?) cats, she’s learned a few lessons; that she never has to fight for food anymore, and nighttime is time for bed, not for zoomies.
While she’s not a fan of being picked up or carried, she is a complete snuggle bug and will happily join you in bed. She seems to know when you need some kitten love, flopping stretched out across you as big as she can make herself, purring her little heart out. For such a little lady, she has an enormous purr. Did you know that cat purrs are good for us and som people think they also have healing properties?
Cecilie is an absolute joy and would it into any household.

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