Adoption Profile:

Name: Lilac
DOB : 18/03/23
Gender : Female
Breed: Ragdoll x
Adoption Fee: $170
Snuggle scope: Can be timid to start, but is super smoochy once she is comfortable with you
Cat scope: Unphased by other cats, both big and small
Dog scope: Fine with the small dog in her foster home
Child scope: Untested but would be fine with gentle hands


Lilac was 1 of 11 cats we took from 1 household, with 5 of the 8 females being pregnant.
She has raised her kittens safely in care, where she raised her babies with 2 other family members who would help to co-feed all 11 babies from 3 mummas. Babies are now weaned and independent, so she is now look for her forever family.
On arrival she was quite timid and flightly, but once she felt comfortable around you she would relax and allow pats and give you smooches. She can still be a little unsure around new people, but has much more confidence now and adjusts quickly. Once she allows pats, she will purr up a storm which will melt your heart.
Now that her babies have left care, lilac is starting to act like the young cat that she is, and loves to play with cat toys, and it’s heart warming seeing her be happy and care free.
Lilac is using to living with other cats, and loves to smooch and sleep with her feline bestie. She would do best in a home with at least one other cat. She is particularly close to Indigo (who we believe is potentially her sister), so if you are looking for two beautiful cats, you couldn’t do better than Indigo and Lilac.

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