Adoption Profile:

DOB: 15/11/2023
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Everton Park
Snuggle scope: Loves and feels safe on her carers lap so could definitely be a snuggler once she’s comfortable.
Cat scope: Will be fine with calm cats with correct introductions
Dog scope: Untested.
Child scope: Untested. Should be OK with children over 12 – not suited to noisy homes


Regia came into care with her 2 brothers from a rural pound after they were abandoned by their owner and left to fend for themselves. The emaciated and terrified trio made their way to BFF and her glow up to house panther has begun!
Regia’s once broken whiskers are returning, and the soft brown ‘fever coat’ she had as a result of malnourishment is being replaced by glorious velvety black.
This little lady is still in the early stages of her ‘learning to cat’ education but has learnt so much already by observing her older feline housemates and hanging out with her little brother Rain. She knows that calm, good natured cats that come by for a sniff-spection don’t mean her any harm but sometimes that other young and much bigger kit-teen like to get a bit sassy, and she definitely gives back as good as she gets hiss wise! She makes the most adorable trilling sounds and is developing her meow.
Regia knows that her carer’s lap is a place of safety, comfort and head scritches, and that if she drops and flops on her back she’s inviting all humans to tempt fate and kitten claws by going for a belly scratch!
This beautiful little lady knows her way around a litter box, cat flap and her foster home’s secure outdoor catio, where she loves to stretch her long little legs in the sunshine and scratch the astroturf. Cat toys and zoomies with her brother are two more of her favourite things and she would do well with a friendly feline mate of similar size and age that she could wrestle with… maybe her brother purrrrhaps? Did someone say double adoption?
Regia and her brother’s past means they’ve not felt comfortable exploring their foster carer’s whole house yet so it’s important her forever family take a patient, slow and gentle approach to introducing her to their house and humans. She will reward your slow approach with finding your hand for head rubs and scritches and your lap for safety and snuggles.
This beautiful little lady deserves the absolute world after the start to life she has and it’s going to be SO hard for her carer to see her go to her forever home. But we know the perfect home for this gorgeous girl with the biggest yellow eyes is out there and we can’t wait for her to find it.

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