Adoption Profile:

Name: JoJo
DOB : 12/04/2019
Gender :Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Samford
Snuggle scope: smoochy on her terms
Cat scope: Not a fan as very dominant around other felines and will attack
Dog scope: Not overly phased but keeps her distance
Child scope : children 12 plus


JoJo was abandoned by her previous owners and left behind when they moved so now looking for a family that will love and cherish her forever .
Jojo is very affectionate, loves cuddles but doesn’t like being picked up for long periods of time but she will endlessly weave around you smooching and is all over you like a rash soon as sees you as just loves the contact and being with you.
JoJo is good with carers grandkids especially if they give her cuddles but she doesn’t really like all the loud noise that they make as young kids often do , she can also do that playful nipping thing so best suited to a home with older children .
JoJo is not suited to be rehomed with other animals as she wants to be your one and only princess .
Jojo’s priorities in life are sleeps, food and cuddles!
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