Adoption Profile:

Name: Rose
DOB: 01/07/2019
Sex: Female
Breed: DSH
Location: Loganholme
Adoption fee: $170
Snuggle scope: Shy, but loves them if you’re patient
Cat scope: Very cat friendly
Dog scope: Not tested – not recommended
Kid scope: Good with respectful children


Rose is a gorgeous girl inside and out, and she forms an extremely strong bond with the humans she loves. She’s sweet and gentle, and full of boundless affection for her humans. She’s always excited to see you come home or wake up in the morning, and she always wants to be near you, in your lap or curled up beside you. She loves endless pats and kisses and being held gently in your arms. She also has an adorable meow and she always loves to “beep” excitedly when she sees you, or just when she’s happy.
She’s come a long, long way from the terrified street cat she used to be, but she’s still quite an anxious girl. She’s scared of storms and loud noises like the vacuum or lawnmowers, and she gets stressed easily by big changes. But her bond with her trusted humans is amazing – when she’s scared, she’ll run to you for comfort and cuddle up with you to make her feel better. Once you’ve gained her trust you become what I affectionately call her “Emotional Support Human” and she’ll trust you to help her through scary situations. She’s a brave girl doing her best, and a caring home to give her gentle love would be incredible.
She would do best as a solo cat, but would also be happy in a home with an independent cat who’ll give her space. She’s great with quiet kids with gentle hands too. Rose is a soft, beautiful girl with so much love in her heart that she’s ready to share with you, if you’re willing to give her that chance.
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