Adoption Profile:

Name: Lena
DOB : 29/9/2022
Gender : Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee:$170
Location: Carindale
Snuggle scope: Loves attention and pats
Cat scope: good
Dog scope: good
Child scope: ok


Lena is a gorgeous calico with a bit of a goofy side. She can often be found hanging out of her beds, dangling out a leg or two, or just twisted upside down sprawled across the middle of your bed or the lounge. Lena is a confident girl who loves to explore and play. As she’s grown up, so has her cuddliness. Lena loves to join her humans, snuggling against or on them, on the lounge or on the bed at night. Sometimes she’s even so happy to just be laying next to you on the lounge she’ll be purring and kneading. In this cooler weather, Lena not only loves keeping her human’s feet warm at night, she also loves ducking under the blankets on these chilly mornings for a snuggle. Lena isn’t just a one person cat, and loves to share the love around, even if that sometimes means visiting all human family members beds at night/in the morning for cuddles so everyone can have Lena cuddles.
Lena loves meeting new ‘siblings’ and very quickly forgets what personal space is and is rolling around playing and wrestling with her new kitty friends.
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