Adoption Profile:

Name: Alfalfa
DOB : 1st November 2022
Gender : Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Birkdale
Snuggle scope: too busy for cuddles
Cat scope: Fine with other cats
Dog scope: untested
Child scope : untested


Sick of endless trawling through dating apps trying to find the right one? Like a sweet heart but also a bad boy? Look no further! Alfalfa is here and is ready to sweep you off your feet (literally). As the most confident of his litter, Alfie is here to impress you with his suave moves and his permanent tuxedo. Alfie LOVES to play and sometimes forgets that not everything is meant to be played with. RIP his foster mother’s paperwork pile. Alfie also likes to investigate. Whatever you’re doing or wherever he’s not allowed to be, that’s where Alfie wants to be. He’s just super curious (or maybe super cheeky; we’re not sure). Whatever happens, Alfie in his little suit is there to love and play hard. Come meet your own James Bond and see how quickly you fall for him.
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