Adoption Profile:

Name: Lorenzo and Luciano
DOB : 15/5/20
Gender : Male
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Adoption Fee: $300
Location: Morayfield
Snuggle scope: Nope! On his terms, he may let you stroke him
Cat scope: LOVES other cats
Dog scope: Nope!
Child scope: Nope & a bit more nope!

Are you a very special person? Could you adopt two brothers who may not ever have any appreciation of what you’ve done for them? If you have low expectations, please read on!
Lorenzo and Luciano (aka The Italian Boys) – these two boys are inseparable, let’s make that very clear. They came from a horrible place, so horrible that I won’t go into it much, but needless to say, it’s left them with a lot of ‘issues’.
Lorenzo copped the worst of the ongoing issues – he has awful lungs and if you’re brave enough to get close enough, terrible bad breath! The vets have said that his teeth are pretty good though, so he’s not needed any extractions. He had pneumonia when he was a baby, so his lungs are very scarred, but it doesn’t cause him any problems apart from snoring like an old man!
Lorenzo’s biggest problem is that his brain isn’t wired properly – he’s an ‘Ultra Scaredy’ scaredy cat. He’s not feral by any means – he acknowledges that you’re the food provider and will bunt your legs when you get the food out (& he does this quite hard so you need to have good bones!) and he will, very occasionally, forget that he doesn’t really like humans and come for a quick stroke.
There are some safe spaces in the house where Lorenzo will accept pats, but he will often change his mind on where the safe space is, so he keeps you on your toes!
Don’t let that put you off though – when he gets going with playing (which can be an effort), he’s incredibly funny as he’s a bit ‘unco’ too. He LOVES other cats and will do anything to get them to like him & he’s pretty persistent to say the least.
Going to the vets is generally more anxiety provoking for us than Lorenzo, but he tries to make out he has the harder time!
He loves his food, especially treats, so sometimes, you can bribe him, depending on his mood at the time.
Luciano has less issues than his bro, but he still has issues. His lungs are also scarred from pneumonia when he was a baby, but not as bad as Lorenzo’s, which means his snoring isn’t quite as bad! Thankfully, he doesn’t have bad breath!
Luciano also isn’t wired very well in his brain, but he is a lot more affectionate than Lorenzo. Lucci will actively seek out his humans for smooches at any time of the day and in any place in the house. Much like you should never get a Mogwai wet, you should never try to pick Lucci up for a cuddle – it won’t be pretty!
Luciano is more outgoing and loves to play. He does love other cats, but he can tend to be a bit dominant and his attempts to play can be seen as a bit too full on by some cats (ask my girls & they’ll tell you!). He and Renzo playfight a lot and Renzo is good at telling him when to stop.
Luciano is a big foodie, more so than his bro. He has a high pitched squeaky voice when he talks which doesn’t match his large stature. He talks lots when there’s yummy food around, his fave being roast chicken.
The boys have been with us for 3 years (we specialise in scaredy cats). We love them dearly, but it’s clear they won’t make much more progress with us. In a new environment, sometimes these very scaredy cats can make real progress – we’ve seen that time and time again.

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