Adoption Profile:
Name: Philomena
DOB : 21/5/23
Gender : Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Cleveland
Snuggle scope: Very cuddly
Cat scope: cat friendly
Dog scope: Fine with the dog in her foster home
Child scope : not tested but will be fine with gentle introductions.
Medical note – Philomena arrived into care with severe flu. She is healthy now, but one of her eyes often weeps, which just needs wiping to keep clean.
In December 2023 Philomena was diagnosed with Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), which is a mutation caused by the feline coronavirus that most cats carry. She has treated for the disease and at the end of the course of treatment blood tests confirmed that she was clear of the disease.


Philomena arrived into care with her sister Breanna in an awful state. She had such bad cat flu. One of her eyes was so cloudy we weren’t sure she would keep it, but she has recovered beautifully. She also came down with FIP but has successfully beaten that also and is now a beautiful healthy girl looking for her forever family.
Philly is an absolutely bundle of sweetness and love. She can be a little unsure of new people, but after a few hours she will be fine and will show you how much of a love bug she is. She loves to drop at your feet and roll onto her back so that you can tickle her belly while she purrs away contently.
She is the perfect mix of loving attention, but also being independent. She loves her humans, but is also happy to snooze the day away on one of her favourite sleeping spots. She gets on beautifully with other cats, and would be happy both by herself or with cat friends.
After such an awful start to her life Philly deserves a home that will love and adore her. Are you her forever human.

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