Adoption Profile:

Name: Carter
DOB: 06/03/2024
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $225
Location: Carina Heights
Snuggle scope: Just starting to learn to enjoy snuggles
Cat scope: Should be OK with slow introduction
Dog scope: Untested but should be OK with slow introduction
Child scope: He is a little nervous around noise but should be OK with calm, gentle children


Carter came into care after living rough. He had a case of cat flu and had such bad conjunctivitis, he couldn’t see at all. As a result, he was terrified of all of the scarey noises coming from things that he couldn’t see and would curl up, hide or attempt to run away, even though he couldn’t see where he was running.
His eyes improved quickly with treatment, but one of this third eyelids was fused to his cornea which indicates how long he had been sick. After surgery, it was amazing to see his beautiful big green eyes, but the changes in his confidence was even more incredible. He is now coming out to see his carer, accepting pats and even demanding them. He still gets nervous by noises or sudden movement and when that happens will find a nice safe spot to hide until he realises that he isn’t in danger and he will pop back out. With some patience and lover, he should continue to grow in confidence. Initially he didn’t play with any toys, even when other cats were, as he didn’t seem to know what they were, but since his surgery he has enjoyed following the other kittens and playing with whatever they are. He would benefit from having a furry friend to help him continue to grow his confidence and feel safe. The change in only a couple of months is amazing, and we can see what a beautiful companion this gorgeous man will grow up to be.

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