Adoption Profile:

Name: Ophelia
DOB: 14/04/2022
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Kallangur
Snuggle scope: Super smoochy and affectionate.
Cat scope: Fine with correct introductions, can be a bit bossy.
Dog scope: Fine with calm, quiet dogs. Not a fan of loud, boisterous dogs.
Child scope: Has lived with children previously.


Ophelia is a darling girl that will win your heart with her beautiful eyes and affectionate smooches.
While she’s a little shy to start with, it doesn’t take her long to discover her confidence. She loves being fussed over and will follow you around and headbutt you when she wants your attention.
Ophelia is also a very chatty girl and loves to meow at you and will even call for you if she finds something out of place in the home.
She eats well and is very tidy with her litter tray, though she does shed a lot of hair so she would benefit from daily brushing.
Ophelia would settle well into almost any home. While she is accustomed to other pets in her foster home, she’d also be just as happy as a solo pet. As long as there are people to adore her she will have all she needs.


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